Woodford Reserve Distillery, Kentucky

After a wonderful brunch at Otto's Cafe in the lobby at the Seelbach Hotel, we hit the road for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail http://kybourbontrail.com/. Yes, there is such a trail. And in fact, there is also a bike, as in bicycle people powered, trail that goes through the same route! 

Out of Louisville, we took I-64 east to the first rest stop at MM 29  the Welcoming center. After coffee at brunch, it was time to stop. There we were able to gather a few more informational books and the State map of Kentucky. Our plan was to Try  to get to 2-3 tour today with Woodford and Marker's Mark being to top two and Four Roses and Wild Turkey 3-4 on the list. 

Well, we technically got to 2, Wild Turkey for a pit stop and Woodford Reserve. Wild Turkey was starting there tours and it would be one hour it was 1:30 and last scheduled tour out of Woodford was 3PM. Figuring time travel and distance, we decided to skip WT and go directly to WRD. The GPS guide took us a tour of the neighborhood around Wild Turkey before we figured out there was NO exit to the McCraken Road on the other side of the Creek. Back we go, through the little places with basketball hoops on gravel pads and small farms to the main road, thanks VG Navigator... This adventure was nice through the rolling roads through the horse farms and directly to Woodford Reserve with 10 minute to spare to the 3PM tour. There are 2 parking lots on the grounds and one overflow across the road. Careful crossing there are 2 blind corners there.

The grounds are well kept and the paths are nice maintained which leads you to the front door and the grand porch area with rocking chairs abound. We went to get our stop in the 3pm tour and they were sold out. Likely, the staff was preparing to create more tours due to the nice day and volume of visitors. We got into the 3:45pm so I got time to get some great pictures of the interior history, information and porch areas while we waited. Don't forget to pick up your KBT Passort. If you get all the place to stamp the book you'll receive a free t-shirt to sport of your adventures in Kentucky Bourbon Country. Our tour guide was great. Matthew Moyer had wonderful stories to share. The tour was a  experience of sight, sounds, and  wonderful smells. History is key here at Woodford, since it is the oldest and smallest distillery in Kentucky traces its origins to 1797 when Elijah Pepper began distilling in Woodford County. This National Landmark crafts Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select, the Official Bourbon of the Kentucky Derby. Check out there link for hours, tour price options and other helpful information. http://www.woodfordreserve.com/AgeScreener?ReturnUrl=%2f

 Please take a look at the images I captured at Woodford and take a trip to the area soon.

A word to the wise, if you are planning this trip, try to take them in a couple of days. You will enjoy it so much more than trying to rush to ever one in a day. The Distilleries are NOT that close together as the map will show. http://kybourbontrail.com/map/  

You might find that planning a weekend to do just this is Much much better and safer than trying to cram them all in one day; and 17 miles is not at 60MPH, it is through rolling back road of Kentucky Horse training farms and massive Country Estates.

Enjoy the scenery!

On this  link  http://kybourbontrail.com/trip-planner/ there are helpful guides and tours where someone else will be driving you. Or have a DD. But of course you do not have to sample the goods. Buy some and take it home! 


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