From Miami to Key West  

A Motorcycle Trip 

 I do recommend a driving trip through the Florida Keys to everyone, but a there are many modes of transportation to get there. Flying is obviously one way to get there quicker, but it can be expensive. You can fly from Miami to Key West in 45 minutes if you are in a hurry, but if you want one of the more memorable automobile odysseys, DRIVE! Once on the Overseas Highway, you will cover a 113-mile chain of coral and limestone islands connected by 42 bridges, one of them seven miles long.You can take a ferry boat shuttle from various west coast Florida towns to the Mallory landings in Key West.   I have attach some information links on the page below. 

Starting out in Miami, there are many businesses where you can rental vehicles from regular economy to luxury high end cars, RV's and motorcycles. You can even ride a bicycle the 160 miles (give or take) to the southernmost tip of the USA.            Here is what we did:        

 We have relatives that live in West Melbourne, Florida, so we fly into Melbourne International Airport and drive a spare car to Miami. We went in November which is a good time since it is not too hot but it is Florida, plan ahead. In Miami, I had already reserved a Motorcycle from  Eagle Rider online months in advance. It is a good idea because you can get deals and discounts applied for advance purchases. I have been an avid motorcyclist for many years but favor the lighter shorter bikes to the heavier more popular bikes personally. I reserved a newer Harley Davidson Road Glide Ultra for touring. Florida State laws require helmets and you must have a valid motorcycle license or endorsement from your home State or Country. Eagle Rider does provide a complimentary 3/4 face helmet and have a variety of clothing options for purchase in their store. We brought our own gear. They also have a parking lot that is fenced in and locked to keep your car in while you're on your adventures.We started our journey at about 2PM, we loaded up the saddle bags (lockable) and I got acclimated with the bike and off we went to the Florida keys. I had GPS on my cellphone and used the navigation application and phone holder I purchased for my cycle at home. We stopped for lunch and head toward Homestead and Key Largo for our first stop, 60 miles south. It is a great time to stop half way, regroup and rest up for the next leg of the trip. Key Largo is a great place to stop, rest, hydrate and take in the beautiful scenery. 

Stay overnight in Key Largo and watch the sunset.

The next morning breakfast at the hotel and on to Key West. There are many cool places along the way to stop, but all the turn outs are gravel roads, so on the motorcycle you have to be careful. Stop for lunch at Salty's Waterfront Grill at MM 47 just before the 7 mile bridge on Marathon Island. Unfortunately, Salty's is gone now because of a terrible blaze in 2014. 


We made it to Key West by 2pm. The Overseas hwy can be busy and if there is on stall or accident you can sit for hours,(since it is one lane in each direction and sometimes separate bridges for the north and south traffic. Found the hotel we booked, the Chelsea House on Truman Street.  Parked the motorcycle. Got our room. Changed our clothes & Stated:

'It's Island time!!'

No more cares! No more worries!

Key West is a walk-able town! There are places that you can rent scooters or bicycles but  walking is the easiest, funniest and best way to get around!

Check out all the fun interesting places to shop eat and drink or just people watch.

Key West is open and Diverse community and

welcomes all to the




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