Louisville, Kentucky

 Seelbach Hotel Louisville, KyOn this trip, we had one modes operands in mind...

THE P!NK Concert!http://www.pinkspage.com/us/home

On March 08, 2013 at the KFC Yum Center http://www.kfcyumcenter.com/ in downtown Louisville.

And you ask.' Why go to Louisville,  6 hours away and not Chicago United Center where P!NK was performing the very next day?"  Well, it is a simple answer, which you already know...

it is for ...THE ADVENTURES !!


 The Seelbach Hotel is where we found the night rest. ww.seelbachhilton.com/. In the heart of downtown, a landmark of a "golden era," the Seelbach Hilton hotel appears on the National Register of Historic Places, and has attracted many famous figures including 1 Duchess, 9 Presidents, 14 Grammy-winning Musical Groups and dozens of Hollywood Celebrities. In fact, the hotel's grand ambiance inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald to use the Seelbach as the backdrop for Tom and Daisy Buchanan's wedding in "The Great Gatsby." This historic hotel is elegant and charming all in one. and a premier luxury hotel since its grand opening in 1905. The Four-Diamond Seelbach Hilton is currently undergone a $12 million renovation to maintain the elegance of the world class hotel while equipping it with the modern necessities for the new generation. Stories await you, if you ask the right hotel concierge, and we found Larry Johnson. Larry is the official Historian of the Seelbach. He directed us to the Oak Room Dining Room and the Raskskeller. Mr Johnson has also authored an book about the Seelbach History and stories.

 http://www.butlerbooks.com/secesatologr.html .

The Oak room is located upstairs following theses stairs to the right ; Hand-carved lion's head columns, ornate wood accents and brass chandeliers are reminiscent of its original gentleman's-billiards-hall decor originating around 1907.  The rich and dark oak decor is inviting to stay and I heard the best dining experience in town. No doubt, our next visit we make it an evening dining requirement. Kentucky's first and only AAA Five-Diamond restaurant.  


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