Photography has always been a strong passion of mine.

Thinking back when I was younger, I loved to capture images that were different  & unique. 

I got my first camera from my dad when I was about 8. It was a 1940's circa Pearl II.

By using this camera exclusively, I learned to hone my skills of aperture, shutter speeds and f/stops to create great images in monotones and grayscales. I still use this camera today, but use other camera bodies as well. I have taken to digital only because of the massive storage and flexiblity it lends me in creativity. 

  I love to capture people, place and objects in photo journalistic way;

 naturally, unstaged and geniunley showing


 I look for different natural lighting and shadowing effects , but yet allow the images to be created with a totally new rendition that is not usually seen before. I do not believe in the over use of after production softwares to acheive perfection or the 'WOW' effect,

Nature does it for me!

Sometimes, it takes hours, days and even weeks for the right timing to capture

these images, but it's worth the wait.  During my travels, I have been very

fortunate to be able to capture all the images you see today.

I am always seeking to find new and interesting opportunities

every day and look forward to sharing them all with you.

Please feel free the write to me your comments,

suggestions and ideas for new galleries in the future.

Thanks in advance,

barb kay


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